The Adepts and their powers:

  • The Blue Adept uses singsong. More specifically, music summons his magic and words define it.
  • The Yellow Adept uses potions.
  • The Red Adept uses amulets.
  • The second Red Adept is Trool the Troll. He was made adept by use of the book of magic.
  • The White Adept draws sigils in the ground. The surface doesn't matter.
  • The Black Adept has power over lines. Black can create anything (a castle, a dragon) out of lines.
  • The Green Adept has power over fire. Green's magic is invoked through hand gestures.
  • The Orange Adept has power over vegetation.
  • The Purple Adept has power over geology (e.g., creating earthquakes).
  • The Brown Adept has the power to make and animate golems.
  • The Grey Adept is introduced in the second book of the series, Blue Adept (p. 168), but is never brought up again in any of the seven books. Grey's magic is unknown.
  • The Translucent Adept has the power over water and the creatures of the water.
  • The Tan Adept's power is called "The Evil Eye". Tan can use this power on a person once to compel them to follow any set of commands.
  • The Clef Adept never had a color. He was the one chosen to play the "platinum flute" to juxtapose the frames of Phaze and Proton. His only ability lies with the flute.
  • The Robot Adept is the title which officially belongs to Mach, the son of Citizen Blue and Sheen. He used the Book of Magic to become an instant Adept. However, in Juxtaposition, Sheen is also referred to as the Robot Adept. She also had to use the Book of Magic and as a result became Adept.
  • The Unicorn Adept is Flach, the son of Mach and Fleta.
  • The Hectare Adept is an alien named Weva. She is part wolf, bat, and human. Her Proton aspect, Beman, is part Hectare(BEM), robot, and human. He/She was born under the West Pole of Phaze, and trained by the Animal-heads that lived there. There is an assumption, although it is never stated, that she was trained from the Book of Magic and therefore isn't limited in her mode of magic.

Due to the use of the Book of Magic, which contains all forms of Adept magic, Robot and Unicorn and Red Adept 2 are not limited in the method in which they invoke their magic.

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