Adora Bull is a daughter of the Minotaur. She has a bull head and hoofs for feet with a human body. Her half-siblings who also have bull heads with human bodies are Capa Bull, Horri Bull, Flexi Bull, Lova Bull, Misera Bull, Practica Bull, and Terri Bull. Her half-brothers with bull bodies and human heads are Bull-et, Bull-etin, Bull-ies, Bull-ion, Bull-rush, and Bull-wark.

Adora met Dawn, Picka Bone, and their party while the party was looking for the family of Attila the Pun. She used her talent to open doors to help the party escape Piper on one occasion. When they found Attila's family, she met Battila the Bun who was instantly smitten with her. She stayed behind with Battila after Pundora ran off with Gattila the Gun.[1]

References Edit

  1. Well-Tempered Clavicle

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