Anomy was a young man with a talent he thought worthless, having stupid ideas. He made a deal with D. Test to get a better talent for his soul. His new talent was to undo events. He used his talent to undo good things in people's lives, as he did not have a soul, so he had no conscience. He found pleasure in unmaking.

Along his travels, he met Becka. She had been assigned by Humfrey to help him in whatever he was doing. She detested her role, but did it to the best of her abilities. At one point, she was possessed by the Sea Hag, but the Dastard undid it and protected her from the Sea Hag in the future.

One of Anomy's goals was to marry a princess. He met an older version of Melody. When Melody was possessed by the Sea Hag, he fought to free Melody from the Sea Hag in Castle Maidragon.

Anomy took back his soul and fell in love with Melody. When older Melody went back to Ptero, he switched with his younger self. It is assumed he will marry Melody sometime in the future. He and Melody have a possible daughter, Melanoma.

Appearances Edit

Anomy is a major character in The Dastard and appears in Up in a Heaval.

Mentions Edit

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