Species Dragon\Human crossbreed
Parents Draco
Marital Status\Mate Brusque (husband)

Becka, sometimes called Dragongirl, is the crossbreed daughter of Draco, a dragon and a human woman who met at a love spring.

Becka was offered to Umlaut as an alternative to Surprise, while Brusque was offered to Surprise. Umlaut and Surprise refused.[1]

Becka takes care of Castle Maidragon for Princesses Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm.[2] She lives there with Brusque, her husband, and their son, Ben.

Appearances Edit

Becka is a major character in The Dastard and Currant Events. She was mentioned in Stork Naked.

Minor character Edit

References Edit

  1. Up in a Heaval.
  2. The Dastard

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