Bria is the daughter of Blyght and Brawnye. She is married to Eskil, and they have Brusque, Benzine, and Epoxy. They have two possible children, Briskil and Astrid, on Ptero.

Bria is a gourd inhabitant that is introduced in Vale of the Vole by being found by Eskil and Marrow Bones on the lost path after Eskil had accidentally been trapped in the gourd. Bria helped Eskil and Volney Vole to restore the Kiss-Me River in the Vale of the Vole to its peaceful state from the demons who had converted it into the Kill-Me River because the Hummers had become so loud and disruptive.

Bria and Eskil fall in love. With the help of an accommodation spell consumed by Eskil, and him sharing half his soul with Bria, she is able to live outside the gourd without fading away.

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