Species Centaur
Marital Status\Mate Chester
Children\Offspring Chet and Chem

Cherie was a centaur who lives among the centaurs whose territory is located South of North Village.


Cherie is a conservative centaur who studied humanoid history. She married Chester in 1042.[1] They have two foals. Chet was foaled in 1042, and Chem was foaled in 1045.

She once helped rescue Bink from being killed by Chester due to a misunderstanding. She then helped him cross several large trenches he would soon approach on his journey South to the Humfrey. During their journey past the trenches, Cherie revealed the true history of the Human Waves to Bink.[2]

Cherie eventually moved to the area near Castle Roogna. She doesn't believe she has magic because centaurs consider it obscene, but when magic is gone, Bink helps her realize her talent is making her appear the way she wishes.[3]


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