Com Pewter
Species Machine
Talent Changing local reality
Marital Status\Mate Com Passion
Children\Offspring Com Panion, and Com Pound

Com Pewter is a machine which alters its local reality. It was built by Maiden Japan for the Muses, though there was a design flaw. Instead of recording reality it was able to alter its local reality. It claims it controls Xanth and has been a major part of Xanthian history.

Com Pewter speaks with a mechanized, atonal speech, typical to how computers or robots speak in mid-20 century science fiction films. Com Pewter's voice is notably similar to the Nomad machine from 1966 Star Trek episode The Changeling, and it uses some of its lines; one of Dug Smith's available responses make a pun on this.

Com Pewter was at first an evil machine. It captured people and creatures to do its bidding. When Murphy and Vadne escaped the Brain Coral, it lured them into its cave and exchanged their escape from Xanth for the service of their first born, who was Grey.[1]

Com Pewter sought some amusement from Dug Smith and had him undergo a trial with word riddles. Refusal or resignation to that quiz would make Dug lose the Game. Dug managed to answer all of them correctly thanks to the Com-pendium of Xanth, however the Com-Pewter attempted to cheat and Dug was transferred back to Mundania. Dug was able to return and thwart it since he had caught a virus from Grundy.

Com Pewter was finally changed for the better by Lacuna when she changed the print on its screen to make it into a good machine.[2]

Com Pewter has an android avatar named Pewter.[3]

References Edit

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