Demon Charon is a Minor Demon who serves Demon Pluto by ferrying people across the River Styx when they come to Hades. He is the brother of Demoness Sharon.

Charon posed as Fletcher, a flion, who was challenging Warren in the Dream Realm. He then appeared in the caverns below Castle Roogna at the ball Demoness Eris was hosting. He met and married Haughty, a harpy.[1]

Even though Charon is married, pretty women can buy passage over the River Styx with flirtation and sometimes kisses.[2][3]

Charon attempted to interfere with the adoption of Santo by Fornax and Nemisis. This would cause Astrid to fail in her mission which would lead Astrid to commit suicide and send her to Hades so Charon could have her.[4]

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