Donald was a human who died and became a shade.


Donald was a prospector, living a quiet life with his wife Sally and his son. One day in the year 1040, he came across a silver tree. Excited, he risked flying home in high winds. He got blown into the Gap so hard that he died upon impacting the ground. He became a shade, his body was carried away by the underground river.

Donald lived as a shade for two years before meeting Bink, who had gotten trapped under the Gap trying to escape the Gap Dragon. Donald tried to take over his body, resisted until he made a deal with Bink. Help rescue Bink in exchange for one hour inhabiting Bink's body and delivering a message to his wife. Donald ended up saving Bink's life and was able to inform his wife where the silver tree was so that she could remarry and have enough money to live comfortably.


Donald's talent was the ability of flight. His son had the ability to create little dust devils.


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