Goody is the son of a Goblin Chief, he had once been a normal goblin boy, but when his mound was invaded, his nurse sought to hide him by giving him a drink with powdered Reverse Wood, reversing his nature, making him the one polite male goblin. He was dressed up a girl and was safe until the invasion was overthrown. After his father discovered what happened to his son he was exiled for politeness. He went to the Good Magician's Castle for advice on how to solve this defect in character but decided to keep it.

He married Go-Go who had a curse on her that she would die before the age of forty. They had two children, a son and a daughter. Both married, their daughter marrying a junior chief. Soon after their children were married, Go-Go died.

After recovering from grief of Go-Go's death, he married Gwendolyn Goblin.

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