Species crossbreed
Talent turning the living into stone by looking at them
Residence a small island near Magic Dust Village, later Good Magicians Castle
Marital Status\Mate Humfrey, wife
Children\Offspring Hugo
Relatives Siren, sister

Gorgon is the daughter of a nymph and a merman and twin sister of Siren. Her talent is a gaze which turns any living creature to stone. Her hair is little ringlets of snakes. Humfrey nullified her talent by placing a screen of invisibility around her face, when it failed, she wore a veil for a while. Years later her face was masked with an illusionary copy of her actual visage. It was thought she was a danger, but it turned out she was not as a malicious creature.

Since Humfrey was the only person able to approach her, she fell in love with him not know who he was or his reputation. She left Xanth for several years and became an actress there. When she returned, she went to ask Humfrey "Will you marry me?" When he required a year's service, those who heard about it were appalled. However, the year was to left Gorgon get to know Humfrey and his habits. When the year was over, he said yes. They were married shortly there after by Dor.

Their wedding was memorable since the twins Hiatus and Lacuna were making mischief by making eyes and ears appear on or mixing up the text in the book from which Dor was reading.

Three years after Gorgon married Humfrey, they had Hugo, the fourth son of Humfrey.

Gorgon is based on the mythological Gorgon, more specifically Medusa.