Hiatus in the son of Millie and Jonathan and twin brother of Lacuna. He grew up first in the Good Magician's Castle, then his family moved to New Castle Zombie. He can grow eyes and ears on anything. He attended the wedding of Humfrey and Gorgon, making eyes and ears appear on the book Dor was reading from for the ceremony.[1]

Hiatus's talent came in handy when he uses his talent to fix the roots of Desiree's tree.[2] He now lives Desiree in her tree since they married. They have a daughter named Piper.[3]

Hiat the Hedonist Edit

Hiat is the identity of Hiatus while in the city of Stone Hinge. He is a prince and uncle of Supi and lover of Desi.[2]

Appearances Edit

References Edit

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