Imps are tiny humanoid creatures, so small they can barely be seen. Male imps have names which can be joined with their species to form other words, females do not.

In main Xanth Edit

The imps in main Xanth have all been encountered in or near Imp Perial.

  • Ortant is the mayor of Imp Perial and father of Quieta.
  • Asse
  • Atient works with safe fire stones.
  • Ede works with rubies.
  • End
  • Ersonal
  • Olite
  • Ose works with coral.
  • Otense makes males lose interest in summoning the stork.
  • Quieta is the daughter of Ortant and mother of Trentia.
  • Ractical works with goldenrod to get their dust.
  • Ressed
  • Robable works with die mound stones.
  • Rovise works with opal.
  • Trenita is the daughter of Quieta and guided the Baldwins.

Other places Edit

  • Finders is a kleptomaniac in the Realm of Lost Objects in the Gourd.
  • Keepers is a kleptomaniac in the Realm of Lost Objects in the Gourd.
  • Each Mint is covered in mints on a comic strip on Ptero.

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