Jewel is the wife of Crombie and mother of Tandy. She is a nymph who plants jewels all around the land of Xanth. In The Source of Magic Bink of North Village is tricked into drinking from a love spring. Jewel was the first person Bink saw, so he instantly fell in love with her. The problem was, Bink was already married to Chameleon. Bink was cured of this love during the Time of No Magic, when the spell, like all others, failed. Later, Crombie, whom Jewel healed, and Jewel took a love potion together to fall in love with each other. This was necessary because Crombie is a confirmed woman-hater and Jewel had fallen in love with Bink. They do not live together, since Crombie's job keeps him at Castle Roogna, and Jewel's task of planting gems keeps her in the underworld, but they seem to like it that way, Crombie in particular. As a rule, Crombie only comes to see Jewel and Tandy when he is on leave, probably when he wants to get intimate with Jewel. Although Jewel is very mature for her kind, she remains basically a nymph at heart, and thus has no problem with this arrangement.

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