Key to Havoc  
Key to Destiny Vol 1 1
Author(s) Piers Anthony
Country United States
Language English
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publisher Mundania Press LLC
Publication date June 28, 2004
Media type Paperback)
Pages 50844 pp
ISBN 978-1594260445
Preceded by Key to Chroma
Followed by Key to Liberty

The Third Novel in the Epic ChroMagic Fantasy Series At last Havoc and Gale are married, having discovered the source of the changelings, but the King and Queen have yet to enjoy a peaceful reign. The knowledge they've gained, as well as their new Glamor status, opens doors to new questions-and new missions for Havoc's loyal friends. While Ennui, Aspect, and Nonce are discovering the source of the enigmatic loom, Aura, Augur, and Ini are sent in search of more altars. And in the midst, the royal family quickly blossoms. With the adoption of three remarkable babies, and the news that Gale will soon add a fourth, the King and Queen find themselves very busy! When the loom points the way to Counter-Charm the whole assemblage makes ready to visit and explore the mysterious sister planet. With the help of the peculiar cloud-like ifrits, the Glamors must find the location indicated by the tapestry and permeate powerful illusion fields to find whatever lies at the center. In the process they just might discover that the key to their destiny may be the smallest among them.


ChroMagic is a brand-new epic fantasy series from the Master of Fantasy and Best-Selling Author Piers Anthony. Mr. Anthony is best known for his wonderful Xanth series with its creative magic, colorful characters, fantastic monsters, and of course-the Puns! But beware! ChroMagic is not Xanth! It is an adult-oriented epic fantasy thriller from the imagination of Piers Anthony.