She is the wife of Dug and mother of Knut. A player of the Companions of Xanth game in Demons Don't Dream where she wins the talent of erasure. She also appears in Roc and a Hard Place, Xone of Contention, and Cube Route.

Kim is described to be extremely curious, enthusiastic, andventurous and also strong-headed.

In the gameEdit

Kim chose as companion Jenny Elf. Escaping from her cave she first met Dug Smith who still had the form of a computer screen. They were found later at the Water Wing where she met Cyrus Merman. Later Dug saw them through a magic mirror, as they floated on a makeshift raft.

Much later Dug met Kim and her team while preparing to cross the Gap Chasm. Kim ws too afraid to descend because of Stanley Steamer, so Dug's Companion Nada Naga joined her team to look for another way, while Jenny and Sammy followed Dug. Kim and Nada followed Cyrus to a secret path that led to the Ocean and the water that skirted the edge of the Gap. There they met the beautiful Merwoman Merci. Cyrus fell instantly in love with her, and together they were ferried across the water.

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