Talent Writing on any surface
Residence New Castle Zombie and Castle Zombie
Parents Millie and Jonathan
Relatives Hiatus (brother)
Children\Offspring Tittle, Jot, Ryver (retroactive)
Marital Status\Mate Vernon, husband (retroactive)
Books Question Quest

Lacuna was a very mischievous child of Millie and Jonathan and twin sister of Hiatus. She grew up first in the Good Magician's Castle, then his family moved to New Castle Zombie. In her first appearance, she changed the words at Humfrey and Gorgon's wedding being performed by Dor.[1]

Lacuna's life was mediocre until she asked Humfrey how to change her life. At the end, she became retroactively married to Vernon and mother of Ryver and twins Jot and Tittle.[2]

Lacuna is the one who changed Com Pewter into a nice machine by changing the text on his screen and forcing him to compile it.

Lacky is a possible daughter of Lucana and Vernon on Ptero.

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