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Lesser demons are those demons who usually reside in Xanth. These demons generally have names that indicate some kind of pun and generally like causing trouble.

In main Xanth Edit

  • Beauregard
  • D. Claire
  • D. Fiant attempted to rape Tandy.
  • D. Flower (Luck of the Draw) owns the Kiss Mee Spa and deflowers innocent girls.
  • D. Flower (Swell Foop)
  • D. Molish
  • D. Sire (Faun & Games) is demoness friend of Mentia who incites desire in men.
  • D. Sist (Well-Tempered Clavicle) was a demoness who interfered with people until she came across a donkey headed dragon who changed her to A. Sist who now has to help people she meets before moving on.
  • D. Tension is a demon Metria subbed for as a Challenge.
  • D. Test traded a talent for Anomy's soul.
  • D. Vore is the son of Grossclout, husband of Nada, and father of Demonica.
  • Dara is the first wife of Humfrey and mother of Dafrey and Matt a Door. Humfrey calls her Dana.
  • Demon Professer Grossclout is a fearsome professor at the Demon University and the father of Vore.
  • Helen Back is the worst demoness in demondom.
  • Magpie is the demoness who helped Rose.
  • Metria
  • Nan O'Tek saved the Maidens.
  • Teller changes talents on the Isle of Talents.
  • Timothea conjures clothing.
  • Type-O causes mistakes in words.

Students of Grossclout Edit

Several demons have appeared as students in Professor Grossclout's classes.

  • Chickenlips, a demon
  • D. Base, a demoness
  • D. Ceit, a demoness
  • D. Ceive, a demoness
  • D. Lete, a demon who lost his talent to Kim.
  • Hophead, a demon

Isle of Fellowship Edit

  • D. Spare, a demon
  • D. Spise, a demon
  • D. Tain, a demon
  • D. Voted, a demon
  • Demon Strate is the husband of Ann Chovie, a human.

Demon Retreat Edit

  • Ban D makes disturbing noises.
  • Bran D makes peope look inebriated.
  • Can D is sugary and sweet looking.
  • Cloud D creates clouds which float away and wet and obscure things.
  • DDT kills mosquitoes.
  • DUI is chronically drunk.
  • Gau D wears high fashon clothing.
  • Han D has many hands.
  • ID has many eyes.
  • Ran D is sex-crazed.
  • San D spreads beach sand around.
  • Un D has panties.
  • Win D blew off Un D's panties.

Just puns Edit

Sometimes a demon is introduced just as a pun.

  • D. Ceased
  • D. Cent
  • D. Lirious
  • D. Louse
  • D. Mean
  • D. Mension
  • D. Mention
  • D. Mise
  • D. Mystify
  • D. Port
  • D. Sire (Currant Events)
  • D. Stroy
  • D. Termined
  • D. Va
  • D. Viate
  • D. Vious
  • D. Volve
  • D. Zaster

Out of main Xanth Edit

  • Beauregard (Air Apparent) is a demon on Hell World who fell in love with an angel.
  • Block Buster is the guard of the Writer's Blocks in the Dream Realm.
  • D. Lusion is the demoness ex-girlfriend of Beauregard on Hell World.
  • Demon Ize is a character in Sofia's play on Ptero.
  • Demon S is a male demoness in Xanth Reality 5.

Crossbreeds Edit

In Xanth Reality 6 Edit

  • Chaska can see through fog.
  • De Flate is the only one who can shut Filly Buster off.
  • Filly Buster can talk your ear off.

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