This is a list of machines and other magical technologies based on Mundane technologies.

Computers Edit

In main Xanth Edit

  • Com Pewter was built by Maiden Japen for the Muses of Parnassus to assist them by recording reality. However, a design flaw allowed it to remake reality within the confines of its cave. He and Com Passion have three children.
  • Com Passion is similar to Com Pewter. She is friendly because a love spring runs through her cave. She and Com Pewter have three children.
  • Com Ponent is a son of Com Pewter and Com Passion.
  • Com Pound is a son of Com Pewter and Com Passion. He set up on Mount Pinatuba to communicate with Mount Pinafore.
  • Com Panion is the daughter of Com Passion and Com Pewter. She set up in Mount Pinafore in Counter Xanth to communicate with Mount Pinatuba.

On Ptero Edit

  • Com Fuse it thinks it changes reality of intelligibility.
  • Com Ma changes reality of punctuation.
  • Com Mute changes reality of travel.
  • Com Pulsion changes the reality of visitors who do not want to stay.
  • Com Rad changes the reality of friendship.

Androids Edit

  • Ann Droid builds robots.
  • Pewter is the android form of Com Pewter.

Robots Edit

Robots in main Xanth Edit

  • C-3PO was mentioned by Arjayess in a letter to a Xanthian.
  • Row-Bot is a submarine robot on the Gray Face of Pyramid.
  • Dent is a challenge for Wenda by Humfrey.
  • Don Donkey was built by Cyrus to be his steed and companion who has a circuit so Cyrus can see and hear what Don does.
  • RNA was built by Ann Droid to be a geneticist.
  • Roland (Pet Peeve) is the husband of Hannah Barbarian and father of Cyrus. He is the first in the robot with a soul program.
  • RX was built by Ann Droid to be a doctor machine.
  • Sniffer (Esrever Doom) is a bomb sniffer.

Robots on Proton Edit

Programs Edit

  • Sending was sent to Grey in Mundania by Com Pewter to lure Grey to come to Xanth to fulfill Murphey and Vadne's promise.

Operating systems Edit

  • Captain M is an old dead operating system with sixteen story house.
  • Macrohard Doors
  • Ms Dos is an old outmoded operating system with enchanted paths and ancestor to Macrohard Doors.
  • Xinu is a newer operating system.
  • Xunil is the offspring of Xinu.

OuterNet search engines Edit

  • Binge
  • Giggle is silly.
  • Goggle (Board Stiff) is too serious.

Other machines Edit

  • Nan O' Assembler is the first atomic assembler which refined materials from heavy industrees and created useful nonmagical products and toys to be marketed in Xanth and Mundania.
  • Rockie is a machine which can fly. It was made by Che Centaur from parts, roc feathers, and Zyzzyva's left ear.

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