This is a list of unicorns.

From Xanth Edit

  • Horntense is a mare and friend of MareAnn.
  • Uland is a stallion and friend of MareAnn.

Xanth crossbreeds Edit

  • Danielle is a wericorn.
  • Kero is a winged unicorn from Ptero.
  • Maggie is a wericorn.
  • Moonshadow is a mare who is a cross between a night mare and a unicorn.
  • Moonshine is a mare who is a cross between a night mare and a unicorn.
  • Niffy Giff is a dragon, pegasus, and unicorn crossbreed on Torus.

From Phaze Edit

Unicorns on Phaze are many different colors, can play music from their horns each with a different instrument, and remove their socks.

  • Clip is a stallion and the brother of Neysa.
  • Flach is the crossbreed daughter of Fleta and Mach, a cyborg.
  • Fleta is a mare and daughter of Neysa and mother of Flach by Mach, a cyborg.
  • Neysa is a mare, the sister of Chip, and mother of Fleta.
  • Viola Corn is a mare met while Cube and her party traveled to Phaze.

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