Maeve is a maenad who was seduced into a love spring by Harbinger, a human. After they mated, and Maeve realized what happened, she ran because she knew the stork was coming. She joined Jumper's mission to restore the cable between Xanth's OuterNet and Mundania's InterNet so gravity would continue working in Xanth.

During the adventure, the group was in the Dream Realm where Maeve was seduced by Demon Pluto through Warren. Warren gave her a sword amulet so she could visit him for an hour while she was in the Dream Realm.

After she returned from the Dream Realm, she found out the truth and was angered. However, when she met the real Warren, she was still in love with him. Around the same time, the stork finally caught up with her and delivered Mae. Warren accepted Mae as his own after they were married by Princess Dawn and repaired the cable.[1]

References Edit

  1. Jumper Cable

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