Japan attended Squeedunk University, studying computer science, and became a sorority sister of Maiden Taiwan, Maiden Mexico, and Maiden China. She co-founded Mai-Den Industrial Park with them. From her work with magic in Xanth, she has become a virtual sorceress.

Demoness Nan O'Tek rescued her from a plane crash in exchange for her lifetime loyalty.

Japan is the mother of Maiden Yukay by one of the three most intelligent men in Xanth. He remains unnamed.[1]

Japan was 170 years old[2] when she was on the Acquaintance Ship on the Fanta Sea. The ship kept her young, however, it was taking her soul. Shortly after meeting Clio, she left the ship and returned to Mai-Den.

Japan is 176 years old when she met Wenda and her party while they were taking the knot of petrified reverse wood to Humfrey.[3]

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