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Taiwan is Humfrey's second wife after Dara, whom he married mainly so his son Dafrey would have a mother. She left Humfrey when he abdicated the throne and went in search of Castle Roogna.[1]

Taiwan studied physics at Squeedunk University and finished her first semester of her senior year prior to arriving in Xanth. She and Maidens China, Japan, and Mexico were on a flight together which was hit by lightning. They were saved by Demoness Nan O'Tek and brought to Xanth in exchange for her lifetime loyalty.

Taiwan and her sorority sisters applied scientific applications to Xanth's magical laws, including Law of Similarity, to invent faster than light propulsion system for centaur's voyage to Alpha Centauri. She is a joint founder of Mai-Den Industrial Park in the Gap Chasm, the first Xanth corporation, secretly chartered by King Ebnez as an armorer. She enjoys virtual Sorceress status as her results are roughly equivalent to what Magician-level magic can achieve.

Taiwan is 176 years old when she met Wenda and her party while they were taking the knot of petrified reverse wood to Humfrey.[2]

The family tree Edit

Maiden Taiwan
Maiden China
Maiden Japan
Maiden Mexico

References Edit

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