A Lert Edit

Servant in the Blue Castle on Pyramid.

Dafrey Edit

First son of Dara and Humfrey.

Jot Edit

Son of Lacuna, Appears in #14.

Maiden China, Maiden Japan, and Maiden Mexico Edit

Maiden Taiwan's Sisters, found on the Fanta Sea.

Mare Juana Edit

A nightmare.

Martha Edit

A human farmer's wife who appears in A Spell for Chameleon. Her talent is heating meals.

Melanoma Edit

Daughter of Melody and Anomie. Appears in Cube Route.

Nabob Naga Edit

King of the Naga, Nada Naga and Naldo's father.

Nadine Naga Edit

Daughter of Naldo and Mela Merwoman.

Naldo Naga Edit

Naldo is brother of Nada and son of Nabob. He married Mela Merwoman in The Color of Her Panties.

Pa Troll Edit

Oldest Troll in Troll Village, he acts as an Intermediary.

Pearl Valley Edit

Grandmotherly woman with a nice house.

Princess B-Nign Edit

Soon to be queen of the B's.

Picka Bone Edit

Son of Marrow Bones and Gracile Ossei.

Richard C. White Edit

A recent arrival who lives on the banks of the on the banks of Lake Ogre-chobee. Named for a reader. Appears in books 17, 18, and 19.

Richard Siler Edit

Also known as Billy Jack. Appears in Roc and a Hard Place.

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