A mundane archivist who comes to Xanth to do research with Arnolde, the magician centaur. He is introduced in Centaur Aisle and makes appearances in Night Mare, Roc and a Hard Place, and Pet Peeve


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Sofia is the fourth wife of Humfrey.

The Baldwin family Edit

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The Baldwin family was introduced in Yon Ill Wind. They were brought into Xanth during hurricane Gladys. Jim and Mary are the parents of Sean, David, and Karen. The children's pets are Woofer, Midrange, and Tweeter. David is the boyfriend of Jaylin.

The Frank family Edit

Main articles: Edsel Frank and Pia Putz

Edsel is a friend of Dug and husband of Pia Putz. He exchanged places with the Demon X(A/N)th in Xone of Contention. He first appeared in Demons Don't Dream.

Pia is the ex-girlfriend of Dug and wife of Edsel Frank. She exchanged places with Chlorine in Xone of Contention. She first appeared in Demons Don't Dream.


He is the husband of Kim and father of Knut. A player of the Companions of Xanth game in Demons Don't Dream. He also appears in Roc and a Hard Place and Xone of Contention.


She is the wife of Dug and mother of Knut. A player of the Companions of Xanth game in Demons Don't Dream where she wins the talent of erasure. She also appears in Roc and a Hard Place, Xone of Contention, and Cube Route.


He is the son of Dug and Kim. He was introduced in Cube Route.

Mikhail, Noi, and Malinee Edit

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Mikhail is a man from Kamcatka, Russia who got lost in Xanth looking for his dream woman Noi. Noi is a woman from Thailand who got lost in Xanth looking for her dream man, Mikhail. Malinee is a girl from Thailand who was also lost in Xanth and was taken in by Mikhail and Noi.

They were last seen heading towards Castle Maidragon with an unnamed three headed dragon from Kamcatka.

The WavesEdit

The various waves brought new human blood into Xanth from Mundania. Some of the Waves were peaceful while others were violent. They are mentioned throughout the series.

Sherlock, one of the immigrants from the Black Wave, has actually developed a magical talent of magician caliber since arriving in Xanth: the ability of reversal and the subsequent power to conjure and manipulate reverse wood.

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