Ogres are justifiably proud of their strength, stupidity and ugliness.

Most Ogres live in the Ogre-Fen-Ogre but they migrated there from Lake Ogre-Chobee when the curse fiends built their community at the lake. A few ogres live in other places though. In Ogre, Ogre, it is mentioned that the worst fights in Xanth are between two ogres. Ogres typically destroy anything they fight, including tangle trees and dragons.

Considered by many to be brutal, violent creatures which would eat anyone, there are some exceptions to the rule, such as the vegetarian ogre Crunch, and his son, the half-ogre Smash. Most ogres consider ugliness to be beauty. The uglier a person to a human, the more an ogre will think they're beautiful.

Ogres also appear to talk in rhymes though this may simply be caused by the listeners preconceived notions of what an ogre does.

List of Ogres Edit

Crunch Ogre Edit

Main article: Crunch

Smash's father. Married a curse fiend.

Smash Edit

Main article: Smash

Smash is a half-ogre, son of Crunch. He prefers to look and act like an ogre.

Okra Ogress Edit

Main article: Okra Ogress

Okra is the wife of Smithereen and mother of Og and Not-Og.

Smithereen Edit

Smithereen is Okra's husband and father of Og and Not-Og.

Og Edit

Not-Og's brother, son of Okra and Smithereen.

Not-Og Edit

Og's sister, daughter of Okra and Smithereen.