Phanta was encountered by Jumper, Wenda, Maeve, and Haughty working for Crater with Olive Hue at the Bra & Girll. She wanted to travel to the Good Magician's Castle to find a way to keep Gheorge, a ghost, from locking her away in darkness forever. Her talent is turning into a ghost in darkness, but it is involuntary.

During the adventure, the group was in the Dream Realm where Phanta was seduced by Demon Pluto in the guise of Shepherd. After they returned from the Dream Realm, she found out the truth and was hurt. While trying to find Demoness Eris by following the ghost Button, she and Jumper, in human form, were both nude. After a close call they became intimate with each other.

When she met the real Shepherd, she was still in love with him and he with her. They were married by Princess Dawn after repairing the cable.[1]

References Edit

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