Picka Bone is the son of Grace'l Ossein and Marrow Bones and brother of Joy'nt Bone. Unlike other skeletons, he can not come apart to make useful tools. He can remove his clavicle and play music on his ribs. He had to become the best musician in Xanth to take over Caprice Castle. In a battle of players, Picka played better than Piper. Once he bested Piper, he proved her was worthy to marry Dawn.

Picka and Dawn now travel around Xanth in Caprice collecting puns from pun infested areas. They have fraternal twins Data, their daughter, and Piton, their son.

In Xanth Reality Three, Picka marrried Surprise-Four, and they have a child.[1]

Appearances Edit

Picka was a major character in Well-Tempered Clavicle.

Minor character Edit

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References Edit

  1. Stork Naked

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