Pyramid is one of the moons of Ida which is shaped like a pyramid. The faces are blue, red, green, and the bottom face is gray. Rewards for favors on confer mass from the favor's recipient to the giver. The giver will grow larger, and the recipient will grow smaller. So, the more favors one does for another the larger one will become, and the more favors one receives the smaller one will grow.

One will be orientated on one side and need to reorient to get to another face of the pyramid. If one is on the blue face and wants to go onto the red face, the person will have to ask creatures called lings to reorient the person to the next face. The lings who reorient the person will be them doing a favor and will receive some mass.

The natives also match the color of the face they live on, so a person living on the blue face will be blue.

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