Sabrina was the former fiance of Bink.


Sabrina was considered a woman of exceptional beauty, and did not require artificial beautify enhancements. She moved to North Village when she was younger from a lesser village. Rumors existed for why she moved, including for better schooling and for a larger pool of eligible males for her to eventually marry. Bink was one of the boys who helped her learn her way around and she eventually fell in love with him. She was one of the few people who choose to believe that Bink did possess a magic talent and that it had merely remained undiscovered. She helped encourage Bink to seek out the Good Magician Humfrey regarding his lack of talent. [1]


Sabrina had the ability to generate holograms of any nature. She controlled the appearance through the use of humming and singing. Her talent only lasted as long as her concentration.[2]


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