Currently the Xanth wiki convers the following Piers Anthony series

Xanth Edit

Main article: Xanth series

This series takes place in a magical world shaped like Florida. There are currently 34 books in this series. Has a brief reference to Phaze in one book,

Incarnations of ImmortalityEdit

This series takes place on Earth and deals with the various offices that run aspects of life. There are eight books in this series and it appears to be complete.

Apprentice Adept Edit

Main article: Apprentice Adept

This hybrid of the fantasy and science fiction genres takes place on the planets of Phaze and Proton. There are currently 7 books in this series.

Bio of a Space Tyrant Edit

Main article: Bio of a Space Tyrant

This science fiction series takes place in the future in our solar system. There are currently 6 books in this series.

Geodyssey Edit

Main article: Geodyssey

There are five books in this sci-fi series.

Cluster Edit

Main article: Cluster

Mode Edit

Main article: Mode (series)

There are four books in this series.

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