In Xanth there is a species of skeleton who live in the Gourd. The skeletons can rearrange their bones to any shape painlessly.

Skeletons in main Xanth Edit

These are skeletons born in Xanth, exiled from the Gourd or who got lost.

Marrow Bones Edit

Marrow Bones is the first companion of Prince Dolph when the prince goes on his quest to find the good magician. He is the husband of Grace'l Ossein and father of Picka Bone and Joy'nt Bone.

Gracile Ossein Edit

Grace'l Ossein is a skeleton exiled from the Gourd because she ruined a nightmare. She is the wife of Marrow Bones and mother of Picka Bone and Joy'nt Bone.

Picka Bone Edit

Picka Bone is the son of Gracile and Marrow, twin brother of Joy'nt, husband of Dawn, and father of Data and Piton.

Joy'nt Edit

Joy'nt Bone is the daughter of Marrow and Gracile and twin sister of Picka. She has a thing for Skully Knucklehead.

Skully Edit

Skully Knucklehead got dropped out of a bad dream in Xanth and was rescued by Picka Bone, Joy'nt Bone, and Dawn. He has a thing for Joy'nt Bone.

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