The Spring of Life is a small pond with healing properties found South of Gap Chasm in Xanth.


Located in a depression under a giant spreading acorn tree, anything that drank from the spring would be cured of any injury or ailment they might have, no matter how old the injury/ailment. The water is both cool, clear and cold. Anyone drinking from it would feel refreshed.

There is a catch to the spring's healing properties.

"Who imbibes of me may not act against my interest, on pain of forfeiture of all that I bring him."

It is not known how extensive this curse extends. The spring could react only to immediate threats or it could respond to distant threats.

Bink learns about the spring from a nearby dryad while trying to rescue Crombie. His finger is restored after drinking the water to test it's properties. He then uses the water to save Crombie's life.


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