Storks are birds who bring babies to Adult Conspiracy-following species. They cross from the Stork Works through the Dream Realm to carry a new infant to Xanth. The storks deliver to all of the realities of Xanth.

List of storks Edit

  • Stanley Stork is on Ptero in Faun & Games.
  • Stifle is a make stork met at the Stork Works in Stork Naked.
  • Stymie is a klutzy female stork met in Xanth Reality 6 in Stork Naked. She is the mate of Stymy.
  • Stymy is a klutzy male stork who would not deliver Surprise's baby Prize and delivered her to Surprise-Seven in Xanth Reality 6 instead. After helping get Prize back, he becomes head stork and mate of Stymie.

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