Wenda is a woodwife who traveled with Jumper to first fix the cable between Xanth's Outernet and Mundania's Internet.

During the adventure, the group was in the Dream Realm where Wenda was seduced by Demon Pluto in the guise of Prince Charming. After they returned from the Dream Realm, she found out the truth and was hurt. When she met the real Charming, she was still in love with him and he with her. They were married by Princess Dawn after repairing the cable.[1]

After marriage Wenda started having a problem with her moods constantly changing. Humfrey did not want to answer her question since the service would be disproportionate to the answer, which was she spent too much time swinging on a Mood Swing. She took on the mission to retrieve and bring to Humfrey a knot of petrified reverse wood. She again traveled with Jumper and included in their party was Ida and Hilarion.

Near the end of the quest, she was injured and found she could not have children of her own. She decided she would adopt children in need.[2]

References Edit

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