Zink was a resident of North Village and considered a troublemaker. He is friends with Jama and Potipher. All three were known to use their talents to prank unsuspecting villagers. On one occasion, an unknown number of years before Bink's 25th birthday, the three almost killed Bink while intoxicated on locoberries. After recovering, Zink was taught a private lesson by Bink and never attempted to prank him again.

Zink, along with his friends, tried to chop down Justin Tree in the year 1042.[1] They were also known to use their talents to cause mischief for the nearby centaurs. [2] He was finally sent to the Brain Coral's Pool for his pranks. He later escaped in Up in a Heaval and had to be retrieved by the centaur Epi.


Zink's talent was the ability to create a mirage hole. He could create the appearance of more than one hole at a time.[3]


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